I’m so glad you’ve reached out! Planning a wedding is so consuming (from an emotion and time perspective) and I say that from the experience of planning my own in 2013 plus the many others we’ve completed since we began in 2015.

Olive and Co. was born because my own marriage inspired me. You’re why I’m still here! It’s such a pleasure to get to know you, your family and friends, and plan a day you can’t wait for!

All of us at Olive and Co. absolutely love bringing joy in the lives of your favorite people— all through your wedding day!!




We are here for it ALL— getting you to that beautiful wedding weekend that you’re imagining! The wedding planning overwhelm is real. We’ll be leading the process, managing all the details, and pulling you in at the appropriate times.

your investment: starting at 13,000.

*additional fees: island or private property weddings, large guest counts, travel venues, etc.

Our Phase Based ApproacH:


We follow this approach to help us all stay organized and you'll have a clear sense of our path.

We get to know you well, develop a clear budget to follow, match you with a fantastic vendor team, design a personal day that you absolutely love, and plan all the little details along the way that make for a seamless experience for you and your friends and family. 

1: Ideation
2: Vendor Sourcing
3. Design Development
4. Logistics and Other
5. Design Review and Final Prep.
6. Execution 

This sets everything off on the right foot. It’s even where you begin envisioning it all, where it truly feels real and gives you all those good tingles!
→ Kickoff meeting
→ Budget development
→ Customized to-do list prepared in Aisle Planner, managed by our team
→ Curation of vendor team
→ Design: color selections, attire, stationery, signage, rentals, and more

ideation phase:


Need some help pulling your vision together and refining your initial ideas? We’ve got you! Your day should feel like you. We pair our event management package with design to give you just what you need. We’ve also added budget development and vendor consultation. 

your investment: starting at 7,500.

*additional fees: planning island or private property weddings, large guest counts, etc.

Phase based approach:

1. Ideation
2. Design Development
3. Logistics
4. Design Review and Final Prep.
5. Execution


We follow this phase based planning process that creates a clear process. Even though this is a partial planning experience, there's no one who will know your wedding day details better than our team.


You know without a doubt you’ll rock your planning and you have plenty of time for it. We’ll work together throughout your engagement because we don’t want you to overlook anything. Our team will execute your plans, so you and your families are stress free.

your investment: starting at 3,900.

*additional fees: large guest counts, multiple locations


Take care of everything, so your stress is removed! You’ll just be having the absolute best day of your life with all your friends and family!

→ Provide a wedding day emergency kit
→ Welcome and communicate with vendors throughout the day
→ Deliver gratuities to vendors
→ Manage all setup and styling at the ceremony and reception site
→ Help with parking and support shuttle services
→ Assist at the ceremony by cueing the musicians and your wedding party
→ Manage the timing of events throughout your reception
→ Check on details (i.e. guestbook, gifts, bathrooms, trash, etc.)
→ Solve any unforeseeable problems that come up
→ Support a full tear down (including rentals and personal decor)



This contact will ensure you don’t overlook anything! We use these various touchpoints to know your vision thoroughly while also sharing our expertise, so your day runs smoothly.

→ Providing you with access to our wedding planning software
→ Kickoff meeting
→ Development of your wedding day timeline
→ One venue walk through with a scaled layout to follow
→ 2 one-hour check-ins
→ Final review meeting
→ Connecting with your vendor team prior to your wedding day to provide final details
and answer remaining questions
→ Coordinating your ceremony rehearsal


Know what you’re planning! Work with us one-on-one to look more closely at wedding costs and how they align with the day you’re dreaming about. We’ll learn more about your hopes on an in-depth call, develop a budget for you, and then review these details together. If this budget is higher than you’ve expected, we’ll talk about how to get back on track.


your investment: 450


Please note that these are starting prices and factors may contribute to increases. 

Vendor sourcing ($350 per vendor) 

You need a great vendor team— there’s no doubt about that! We’ll create custom recommendations for you, collect package and pricing details, and review them with you.

Securing guest accommodations ($500)

Local insight into the hospitality industry is important! We’ll share recommendations, get room block pricing, review contracts, and share all the details with you so you can make the best choice.

Consultation fee per hour ($125)

5 hours of consultation package ($500)

Assessment of tablescape needs and ALL Rental Recommendations ($700)

The design is important to you and you’re craving a set of eyes to review your plans. We’ll get to know you, share ideas for your tablescape design and help you secure the rentals you'll need for your tables and your entire day.

Other Events

Wedding day concierge
($125 an hour)

Have a team member with you all morning! They will refill drinks, pick up lunch, clean up your space, steam dresses as needed, and anything else unexpected that pops up, like getting a pair of socks for a groomsmen who forgets. 

Brunch ($1000)
Rehearsal dinner ($2500)
Rehearsal dinner (limited guest count) with welcome party ($3500)
Welcome event with dinner ($3500)
Welcome event casual ($2000)

* additional fees if you don't have a venue

Weddings and couples like YOU bring us so much joy and we’re hoping you’ll choose us. We can’t wait for our call!

After the call, you’ll receive a quote with all the details of your package, and once we receive your retainer, we’ll start our work together!

We are so excited you’re considering our team!! 

thank you!